Fillings, Root Canals and Crowns!!!!

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This video gives the basics of what to expect during the common procedures of fillings, crowns and root canals.

TMJ Disorder

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Temporomandibular joints (TMJ) connect your jawbone to your skull. They are located at either sides of the head, near the ears. These joints are essential in speaking, eating and the making of facial expression. TMJ disorder occurs when there is a disruption in the proper function of these joints.

In some cases, the causes of TMJ disorder can be clear. A blow or other impact to the joint can result in dislocation of the TMJ. Another cause is arthiritis which can cause inflammation of the joints, and also swelling of the surrounding tissues. Having a misaligned bite make everyday jaw movements, like chewing, take a toll on the TMJ. This can eventually cause a strain on the surrounding muscles. Many people habitually clench and grind their teeth.This places extreme pressure on the joints , sometimes to the point where there can be a dislocation of the joint.

The symptoms of TMJ disorders will vary from person to person, depending on the cause of their TMJ disorder. For many, jaw joint pain is the most common. Many experience a popping, clicking sound when they yawn or chew. Many experience an aching pain in and around the ear because the TMJ is located near the ear. Headaches tend to occur when the muscles around the TMJ get strained. With the people who ususally clench and grind their teeth, there is usually tooth aches and pain in the cheeks.

Your Overland Park Smile Dentist is a top expert in TMJ diagnosis and treatment. He can pinpoint the source of your pain and provide relief using the very latest in gentle, non-surgical treatments. Come in to see us today and together we will find the best treatments for you.



Dental Implants

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Found this simplified video about the dental implant procedure. Implants restore your smile by replacing your missing teeth, allowing you to talk, eat and smile. If you are considering dental implants, please feel free to come in for a consultation and we will help you decide on what's best for you.

MYTH: It is necessary to avoid dental procedures during pregnancy.....

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There are many people who believe that all dental procedures should be avoided during pregnancy. This is, in fact, a dental myth. Not only is it not true, but, it is recommended that during pregnancy, preventative dental and regular exams not be put off.

It was very important for pregnant women to take care of their dental health during pregnancy. As a result of the hormonal changes taking place in a woman during this time, there is an increased risk for developing gum disease, which has been been known to affect the health of the developing baby. Ideally, it would be in a woman’s best interest to visit her dentist and have her gum tissue carefully examined, and have any oral health problems treated before pregnancy. However dental care during pregnancy is not forbidden.

It is recommended that any necessary dental procedures during pregnancy be avoided during the first trimester and the second half of the third trimester. These periods are critical times in the development of the baby’s growth and development. However, routine dental care is encouraged during the second trimester. Dental exams should not be skipped during pregnancy. During this time, more than ever, it will be very important to ensure that your have good dental health, especially your gums. Dental work such as fillings and crowns should be treated to reduce the chance of infection. Elective dental procedures, like teeth whitening and other cosmetic procedures,  should be postponed until after the pregnancy. Also, dental x-rays during pregnancy should be avoided, unless it is a dental emergency.

Maintaining healthy oral health is absolutely necessary during pregnancy. Continuing a healthy oral regime during your pregnancy will help in reducing the risk for any dental problems.



"Bill Would Make Poor Sanitary Practices A Crime!!"

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Recently, Dayton Ohio congressman, Mike Turner announced a new bill that would make unsanitary dental practices a crime.  This new bill was prompted by recent allegations at the Dayton VA Center, against VA dentist, Dwight Pemberton:


Eat Your Way To Healthier Gums

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As children growing up, we were always warned about the perils of eating sugary foods, especially candy. However, many of us, then, and even now, were not told about the foods that we should be eating, in addition to daily brushing and flossing, in order to promote and maintain healthier gums, and also teeth. Here at Overland Park Smiles, we are dedicated to educating our patients in Overland Park, KS about the foods that we eat and the vitamins that they contain which are essential for the growth of healthy bones and teeth.

Foods rich in Vitamin A:
Vitamin A is necessary for the maintenance of the the normal structure of the tissues found in the oral cavity. These tissues serve as protective barriers against the microorganisms that cause diseases. Vitamin A , can be found in eggs, liver, salmon, cheese and beef. We can also get Vitamin A from orange-colored vegetables, like carrots and pumpkins, and dark leafy vegetables, like spinach.


Foods rich in Vitamin C:
Vitamin C helps prevent tissue damage and is vital in the promotion of healthier gums by preventing the gums from breaking down. Vitamin C can be found in all kinds of fresh fruits including citrus fruits, strawberries, apples and mangoes. It can also be found in onions, broccoli and radishes.

Foods rich in Vitamin D:
Vitamin D is essential in preventing the inflammation of gums which can lead to bleeding gums, and eventually periodontal disease. While plenty of sunlight aids in the body's production of Vitamin D, you can get additional Vitamin D from fortified milk, salmon and sardines.

There are many reasons for eating healthy foods. As far as oral health goes, eating healthier is a sure way to get on the right track to promoting and maintaining healthier gums. Yes, the sugars are sweet, but having a beautiful healthy smile is sweeter.


Dr. Oz Explains the Importance of Oral Cancer Screening

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Overland Park Smiles believes oral cancer screening should be a part of your regular dental routine. ViziLite Plus uses technology that has proven successful in identifying soft tissue abnormalities in other areas of the body. Overland Park Smiles is one of only two CERTIFIED dental practices in the State of Kansas.

Visit our website to schedule your oral cancer screening today.

Reality Dentists

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If you love reality TV, you will love this article.  Read what some everyday dentists have on their minds.  Though we at Overland Park Smiles do not agree with 100% of what is said, there are some interesting and entertaining truths.  Enjoy!              50 Secrets From Real Dentists - Yahoo[1].pdf (110.12 kb)

Death of a baby tied to oral health!

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For the first time a still-born death is tied back to a mother's gum disease.  You can see the full story by clicking here

Take care of your mouth

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