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The new year is here, and many people will be putting off the dental care they need because of the financial obligation involved. Most do not have insurance to cover most dental procedures and are faced with out-of-pocket expenses that are just too much for them. 

CareCredit may be the answer for many people. It is a personal line of credit to be used solely for healthcare services. CareCredit offers various monthly plans where the user will have a certain length of time to pay for their procedure, instead of having to come up with the full payment at the time of treatment

However, it must be noted that CareCredit is not for everyone. It is a credit card, and its approval is based on past credit history from the applicant(s). Many doctors offer CareCredit to their patients because they want to continue to offer the best care necessary. Your Overland Park Dentists offer CareCredit as one of their finance options as they are very sensitive to the fact that in today's changing economy, many people have differnet financial obligations and being unable to pay for treatment in full will deter many from getting the necessary care required.

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