Sleep Apnea

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Sleep apnea is a disorder in which a person has shallow breaths, or experiences one or more pauses in breathing while they are sleeping. These breathing pauses can last anywhere from a few seconds, to a few minutes, and can occur thirty times or more within an hour.  It is very disruptive to your sleep, as the shallow breathing or pauses will often cause you to move from a deep sleep to a lighter sleep. Actually, sleep apnea has found as the leading cause of excessive daytime sleepiness.

This disorder is a common one, and often tend to go undiagnosed. It is not a condition that can be detected by a physician during one's routine doctor's visit. In fact, most people with sleep apnea, do not even know that they are affected! Usually, it is a family member, or bed partner who is the first to notice the signs.

If you suspect that yourself, or someone close to you may be suffering from sleep apnea, please call today for a consultation. Your Overland Park Dentist is a qualified sleep-disorder dentist, and will be able to help you in your management of your disorder. You may also take our Sleep Apnea Evaluation Quiz, found on our website to quickly determine the possible presence of the disorder. (While taking this quiz, and the results provided, does not substitute for a medical assessment or diagnostic procedure, it will serve as a useful guide to help focus future consultations.)