“Do You Have Dental Phobia? Sedation Dentistry Might Be For You”

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For millions of people, the thought of going to the dentist and undergoing any dental procedure is a harrowing one. Some had  traumatic experiences as children, others may have suffered  painful procedures as adults. Whatever their experience may have been, these people are now risking their dental care, and overall health, by refusing to go to the dentist. That’s where sedation dentistry comes in.

Sedation dentistry eliminate the pains and anxieties associated with most dental procedures by putting the patient at ease with the use a various methods of sedation. The sedation dentists are trained in these methods of administering medicine to calm their patients. Sedation Dentist Dr Woltkamp, is one of these dentists whose main goal is to provide a comfortable, anxiety free experience for our clients.

Here at Overland Park Smiles, we are committed to giving our patients the best dental experience they’ve ever had. Some popular sedation method used are oral sedation, IV sedation and inhalant sedation. With oral sedation, the patients are administered oral medications from the group of drugs which have a sedative, and sometimes, amnesic, affect on most people. These are known as Benzodiazapines. These are usually easy to swallow and administer and tend to work well for most people.

Inhalant sedation involves the use of Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen, and this method is actually the most frequent used method of sedation. This method has a more rapid onset of sedation and there are very few side effects. It also have a faster recovery time, unlike the oral medication.

IV, or intravaneous, sedation is often used for long procedures, or when there are multiple procedures to be done at once. The drugs are introduced directly into the blood during the dental procedure.

The method of sedation chosen will of course depend on the patient’s anxiety level, and/or the type of procedure to be done. Dr Woltkamp will work with the patient to achieve the best results.