Fighting Your Migraines With NTI-tss!!!

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Many people suffer from migraines brought on by teeth clenching while they sleep. Most of the times, people do not realise that they are grinding their teeth, and they wake up with severe headaches the following morning. The NTI-tss Dental Device was developed to help prevent these migraines, by stopping the grinding of the teeth. 

NTI-tss (NTI Tension Supression System) is a FDA-approved device that is worn over the two front teeth to prevent contact of the canines and molars. By creating this separation, the intensity of the night-time clenching is minimized and the chances of developing headaches and migraines are diminished.

NTI-tss is a very safe and effective method of treating headaches and migraines caused by teeth-clenching. There are no drugs involved, no surgery and no shots. There are also no side effects. 

Call your NTI Overland Dentist today and let us show you how the NTI-tss can help you!!